Support and Training

We provide staff training and a comprehensive support system for all LifeCourseConnect members so families have access to resources, learning and 1:1 support. Keep scrolling to see what we offer.

Learning Sessions

Virtual learning sessions are provided to educate members on the Charting the LifeCourse framework, LifeCourseOnline, and Quillo Connect. These webinar style sessions will explore different LifeCourse topics in-depth and are offered at least once per month.

Good Life Groups

These open house style sessions are hosted by certified Charting the LifeCourse Navigators and are dedicated to answering member questions. They are offered at a maximum capacity of 25 members per session to ensure enough 1:1 attention for attendees.

Scheduled 1:1 Support

Members can book virtual appointments with certified Charting the LifeCourse Navigators. Members can book these appointments to receive 1:1 guidance dedicated to the area of their choice (ex. individualized planning, organizing a network of support, crisis intervention and problem solving).

Live Chat

Charting the LifeCourse Navigators will be available to respond to member questions on a live virtual chat. This gives members on demand access to Navigators so their more urgent questions can be addressed in a timely manner.

Community Forum

A public forum where members can engage in discussions, ask questions and share experiences with other participants of the LCC Missouri Program. This page will monitored by program staff to ensure that community guidelines are followed.

Knowledge Base

An easily accessible repository of information about the LCC Missouri Program. This online knowledge base will contain videos and articles instructing members on how to make the most of the resources provided in this program as well as step-by-step tutorials addressing frequently asked questions.

Technical Support

Every member will receive a subscription to LifeCourseOnline and Quillo Connect. Members will have access to LifeCourseOnline and Quillo Connect specific resources and support for their application related questions.

An Innovative Approach to Customized Support

Sharon Spurlock, Senior Director of Family Support (St. Louis Arc), shares how LifeCourseConnect can support individuals and families to share and organize the information that matters to you!