LifeCourseConnect (LCC) is an exciting new offering in Indiana for people on either of the Medicaid Waivers – Family Support Waiver (FSW) or Community Integration Waiver (CIW). There are approximately 30,000 people on the waivers in Indiana, including 21,000+ on the FSW and 9500+ on the CIH. It is projected that 1,300 people will be added to the waivers this year, including 1,000 on the FSW and 300 on the CIH.

Our goal is to introduce and enroll 3% of the people on the waiver (approximately 900 people) to LifeCourseConnect this year, an offering that will provide users access to two platforms to help them envision and plan for the future: LifeCourseOnline and Quillo Connect.


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