Supporting you in the pursuit of your good life.

LifeCourseConnect is an opportunity for you to take control, get organized, and picture what’s possible, with access to Quillo Connect, LifeCourseOnline, and more!

Explore Quillo Connect to access a video library full of success stories and real-life experiences from people who have been there before. Watch 1-minute videos to get inspired and share your favorites with your Circle of Support.

From there, use your LifeCourseOnline subscription, a life-planning platform and community. Use it to share your needs, pursue your goals, coordinate support, and connect with your network! 

In addition to LCO and Quillo Connect, LifeCourseConnect includes a range of support options. Join learning sessions, access 1:1 support, and more. 

LifeCourseConnect is currently available in Indiana, Minnesota, and Maryland.

With LifeCourseConnect, you’ll have access to tools, technology, and training, all to help you build your good life


All Program members receive a subscription to LifeCourseOnline.

LifeCourseOnline (LCO) is a life-planning tool that allows users to connect online with their network of support as they develop and pursue their vision for their good life. Users can integrate accounts to collaborate as they build a plan, track goals, and schedule events. 

LCO was developed by Sonderbloom, a health care and social services consulting agency, as a secure and accessible solution to make managing a person-centered plan easier for individuals and families. 

Quillo Connect

All Program members receive a subscription to Quillo Connect.

Quillo Connect is a unique communication platform that uses 60-second video messages to share stories and build high expectations. Users can explore the video library, organized by CtLC Life Domains, and share favorite videos with their Circle of support.  

Quillo Connect was created by a dedicated team with over 75 years of experience in human services serving people with I/DD and their families. Through microlearning, positive psychology, and customized videos that are uplifting and informative, Quillo Connect helps users share today and shape tomorrow. 

A Resource for Individuals and Families

Kayme, a parent in Indiana, shares what learning about LifeCourseConnect meant to her.